A healthy creation by Expoaid & Agrosparta.

Agrosparta and Expoaid functioning as the export department of the company, cooperated to create a new convenient consumer olive snack.

  • The idea was born in 2010 aiming to offer a healthy snack, low in calories, GMO free & 100% VEGAN!



When we started realizing the idea, we were hit by the fact that no similar snacks existed in the market!

So, we had to gain the know-how step by step. Our goal during all those years of our cooperation was to protect the quality and the original taste of our olives.

That’s why we use pouches with zero permeability to avoid oxidation and maintain the flavor.

One of the challenges was to find a natural recipe with herbs and extra virgin olive oil to marinate our olive snacks. We had to carry out a lot of tests to ensure that the taste and aroma would keep stable at the product’s maturity.

That was a challenge for us, as we always want to offer products with extended shelf life.

And we succeeded! I LOVE OLIVE snacks that have 12 to 15 months shelf life!

I LOVE OLIVE snack is concept has roots in Greek culture and food sharing experience.

Our Mediterranean recipes create the feeling of a homemade snack.

We are committed to fighting food waste as our goal was to reduce the olive oil and brine (saltwater) in the final product.

That’s why we created a range of products in 30g for the snack on the plane or on the walk, 60g for the bar or hotel, 90g for cooking at home without liquid and easy storage in the fridge.

In terms of environmental footprint? Not using the glass jar with brine greatly reduces environmental pollution and water waste.

So, when the I LOVE OLIVE snack hit the market, it instantly gained appreciation of the consumers. Thank you for this major reward for all our efforts!

Interested in our products?

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