Refreshing Green olives

Fennel & Coriander

Mildly sweet Fennel, refreshing Coriander & Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend with our juicy Green pitted Olives revealing a soft citrusy sweetness.

Sealed in a modified atmosphere, to preserve freshness and nutrients.

Enjoy healthily!

Available Packaging:

Pillow bags 30gr, 60gr, 90gr & Doy pack 90gr


Handpicked from trees we love, carefully selected to meet the most demanding tastes, our olives are pitted and marinated only with natural ingredients.

Our healthy and tasty olive snack is ideal for kids and adults.  All you have to do is to choose the recipe, and the place you will enjoy it.  On a trip, in the office, at school, at home with friends.

Healthy snacking at its best! With all the taste in the most practical snack pack.